Wisconsin State Reading Association

Dear WSRA members,

Welcome to another year of leadership, advocacy, and professional learning through the Wisconsin State Reading Association. As this year’s president, I want to thank you for all you do to promote effective literacy instruction for students in Wisconsin. In this constantly changing world, we urgently need educators who understand the complexity of literacy, continually build expertise to help students use language meaningfully to survive and thrive, and advocate for policies that support literacy learning for all.

Since you are a member of WSRA, you must know the importance of building your own knowledge base through reading professional materials, attending workshops, and taking classes. You certainly know that you need to  “Do Your Own Thing” to keep up with what is current in the field of literacy and to implement literacy practices in classrooms. But, by joining this professional organization, you must realize that personal PD and doing your own thing in your classroom behind a closed door can only take you so far.

Collaborative professionalism, the topic of the summer institute presentation by Andy Hargreaves, is at the core of what WSRA is all about. By working together professionally, WSRA members can learn and do so much more than we can by working alone. By identifying our collective beliefs, we have a Red Thread of meaning and purpose that we can hold onto together as we meet the challenges educators face each day of our professional lives. By recognizing our own and each other’s strengths, we can combine our professional expertise and experience to address the individual and collective needs of our organization, ourselves, our students, and the education system in our state.

Throughout the 2018/2019 school year, WSRA will be exploring the idea of collaborative professionalism and reflecting upon how our organization can work effectively to carry out our mission, vision, and beliefs. Stay tuned for information throughout the year on ways you can collaborate professionally with other WSRA members.

I look forward to working and learning with you.

With kind regards,
Deborah Cromer
2018/2019 WSRA President



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