Wisconsin State Reading Association’s 2023 Conference

Keynote Speakers 

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Please join us at our 2023 WSRA Annual Conference
from Thursday, February 9 through Saturday, February 11.


We welcome Carol Lee, Decoteau Irby, and Nawal Qarooni as our keynote speakers.
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 At WSRA August 2022 Summer Institute

Annalee Good, author of Teachers at the Table: Voice, Agency and Advocacy in Educational Policymaking along with Molly Garner Carroll,  Kate Roberts, Deonte Iverson, LaToya Holiday, and Shahanna McKinney-Baldon presented to an enthusiastic group of WSRA members and leaders about the role of teachers in policymaking. Although teachers are central to the implementation of educational policy, they are rarely involved in the design of it. Clearly, teachers are not at the table. Today's presentation gave attendees the tools to be policy advocates. Attendees determined a personal case study, created an action plan, and power map to address issues for policy changes. The presenters were researchers from the Wisconsin Education Policy Outreach and Practice (WEPOP), a group of former classroom teachers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, dedicated to teacher-driven conversations about education policy. WEPOP functions as a graduate student “clinic” within the Wisconsin Center for Education Research.



WSRA 2023 Conference ~ February 9-11 


Mission Statement

The Wisconsin State Reading Association provides leadership, advocacy, and professional learning for implementing effective literacy practices, understanding the complex nature of literacy, honoring the unique needs of our diverse students, and engaging them to apply their literacies in meaningful ways in a changing world.



Expertise Matters!

Research Grounds Us!

Literacy is a complex process requiring a comprehensive approach and a mindset shift. 



Develop tools, strategies and interest to motivate WSRA members to engage in advocacy efforts to improve literacy research, policy and practices that best serve students, families and educators.

Professional Development:

Promote professional growth opportunities for educators, administrators, families, and community members. 


Provide leadership in addressing issues and trends in literacy to inform educators, administrators, families, and community members. 


Create partnerships that foster literacy in the home, school, community, and workplace. 


Develop and strengthen an active 
and diverse membership. 


Promote and disseminate research findings that will strengthen and support the best practices for instruction and assessment in literacy.

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