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The WSRA is proud to be a sponsor of

2021 Annual Wisconsin Literacy Research Symposium

Hosted by UW-Whitewater on June 24, 2021

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I am amazed by what you all, as volunteers for WSRA, have been able to do this year. In a time where most people are feeling stuck and stalled, you all hopped to it to create a phenomenal online community of learners. I am impressed that you tackled the difficult topic of social justice in the fall. So necessary—but not an easy topic to promote. I am thrilled that you are connecting so many students with authors through the Virtual Author Visits programs. I'm looking forward to seeing student responses from my visit. A toast to YOU!!
From Janet Wong, Author


"I have been wanting to congratulate the planning committee, executive committee, and everyone else involved in creating what I believe is THE MOST innovative conference of the year!  Your response to the difficulties of the pandemic was to think outside the box, and I think all of us who are involved in conference planning can learn from your creativity and thoughtfulness." Katherine Bomer


 Reading Councils are getting their programs set for the year! Check out the WSRA Calendar.