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Journal articles are welcomed from the WSRA membership and the literacy community at-large. The articles are peer reviewed. Click HERE for the guidelines. Dr. Kathryn Allen is the WSRA Journal editors. Dr. Allen's email is [email protected]

Click here to submit an article for the WSRA Journal. 


  • Student scholarships are included in the awards link above. The student participant must select a council member or instructor who is familiar with the student and his/her interest in promoting a statement of support, which he or she will write and attach in the online form. 
  • Please see the list below for student scholarships. 
  • Provide a statement of your interest in reading and/or reading education. What is your rational/need for applying for this scholarship? What do you hope to gain from attending this conference? How will you share a portion of the knowledge you gained at the conference with others? Optional, but recommended: What evidence can you provide of your prior involvement in reading-related activities or events (attach documentation) that demonstrates your interest in reading and reading education?
  • Before getting started with the online form, you will want to have a letter of nomination (to attach) from a local reading council member, a zone Coordinator, and/or university ELA instructor documenting your involvement or commitment to literacy education.
  • The student scholarship due date is November 15, 2023. There is a possibility of up to five undergraduate and up to five graduate scholarships granted for each conference.