2020 Conference Handouts

Some of the presenters have submitted handouts for their sessions.

Keynote: Cornelius Minor

Thursday 9:30

Th-A01 Abrams
Th-A02 Al-Adeimi
Th-A03 Anderson, Carl
Th-A04 Armstrong
Th-A05 Children's Lit Committee
Just One More Page
Picture This
Th-A06 Compton-Lilly
Th-A07 Fecho
Th-A08 Fields
Th-A09 Goldberg
Th-A10 Grafwallner
Th-A11 Harris
Th-A12 Jago
Th-A13 Kay
Th-A14 Kilpatrick
Th-A15 Knezel
Th-A16 CCBC citations
Th-A17 Mraz
Th-A18 Ness
Th-A19 Pryle
Th-A20 Rief
Th-A21 Ripp
Th-A22 Schlie-Reed
Th-A23 Tatum

Thursday 11:00
Th-B01 Abrams
Th-B02 Chen
Th-B03 Compton-Lilly
Th-B04 Digital Lit Committee
Th-B05 Gabriel
Th-B06 Gomez
Th-B07 Haddix
Th-B08 Kilpatrick
Th-B09 Lange
Th-B10 Legislative Committee
Th-B11 CCBC citations
Th-B12 Lopez
Th-B13 Mesmer
Th-B14 Minor & Ness
Th-B15 Mraz
Th-B16 Novak & Adams
Th-B17 Pryle
Th-B18 Wilhorn
Th-B19 Zaffiro
Th-B20 Zimmerman
Th-B21 Wathke
Th-B22 Tatum

Thursday 1:45
Th-C01 Critical Issues Panel
Th-C02 Anderson, Carl
Th-C03 Anderson, Becky
Th-C04 Apps-Bodilly
Th-C05 Brehl PPT Intro   Graphic
Soc StScience/Math   Resource
Nonfiction  Recommended  Quotes 
Themed titles  

Th-C06 Caul
Th-C07 Dunbar
Th-C08 Frederick
Th-C09 Gabriel
Th-C10 Goldberg
Th-C11 Haddix
Th-C12 Harris
Th-C13 Jago
Th-C14 Jorgensen | article
Th-C15 Kay
Th-C16 Lopez
Th-C17 McGovern
Th-C18 Mesmer
Th-C19 Minor
Th-C20 O'Connor
Th-C21 Rief
Th-C22 Ripp
Th-C23 Treptow

Keynote Donalyn Miller

Friday 10:30

F-A01 Affinito
F-A02 Anderson, Kevin
F-A03 Cummins
F-A04 Gentry
F-A05 Glover
F-A06 Heard
F-A07 Khan
F-A08 Kelley
F-A09 Kittle
F-A10 Lehman
F-A11 Moses
F-A12 Mueller
F-A13 Prather
F-A14 Pratt
F-A15 Research Committee
F-A16 Roberts, Maggie
F-A17 Schoonover link to folder
F-A18 Serafini
F-A19 Smith, Megen
F-A20 Stachowiak
F-A21 Stone
F-A22 Tatum (moved to Thurs.)

Friday 11:00

F-B01 Blevins
F-B02 Collins
F-B03 Cummins
F-B04 Faddis
F-B05 Glover
F-B06 Hicks
F-B07 Johnson
F-B08 Khan
F-B09 Kittle
F-B10 Luedeke
F-B11 Miller
F-B12 Moses
F-B13 Novak & Adams
F-B14 Roberts, Kate
F-B15 Shubitz
F-B16 cancelled
F-B17 Stachowiak
F-B18 Tatum (moved to Thurs.)
F-B19 Taylor-Marshall
F-B20 Title I Committee
F-B21 Toll
F-B22 Witter-Easley

Friday 1:45

F-C01 Affinito
F-C02 Allen, Lisa 
F-C03 Blevins
F-C04 Collins
F-C05 Gentry
F-C06 Graf
F-C07 Heard
F-C09 Kastein
F-C10 Lehman
F-C11 Miller
F-C12 Prather
F-C13 Renwick
F-C14 Roberts, Kate
F-C15 Roberts, Maggie
F-C16 Roncke
F-C17 Roth
F-C18 Serafini
F-C19 Shubitz
F-C20 Stone
F-C21 Witter-Easley

Saturday Keynote

Monique Gray Smith

Saturday 10:15

Sat-A01 Ebarvia
Sat-A02 Heise
Sat-A03 Johnson
Sat-A04 Kissinger
Sat-A05 Smith, Cynthia Leitich
Sat-A06 Smith, Monique Gray
Sat-A07 Stachowiak
Sat-A08 Thomas

Saturday 11:40

Sat-A01 Ebarvia
Sat-A02 Heise
Sat-A03 Johnson
Sat-A04 Kissinger
Sat-A05 Smith, Cynthia Leitich
Sat-A06 Smith, Monique Gray
Sat-A07 Stachowiak
Sat- A08 Thomas   PPT