Expertise Matters!

  • Submit a manuscript for the WSRA Journal.  Journal articles are peer reviewed.  Please contact Dr. Easley at [email protected]. Access the PDF of the guidelines HERE.
  • Submit an application to be considered for WSRA's Online Literacy Learning Academy and/or Speakers Bureau
  • The WSRA Awards Application and Nomination submission is open. Click HERE to submit an award. 
  • Student scholarships are included in the awards application link above. The student participant must select a council member or instructor who is familiar with the student and his/her interest in promoting a statement of support, which he or she will write and attach in the online form. 
  • Please see the list below for student scholarships
    1. Provide a statement of your interest in reading and/or reading education.
    2. What is your rational/need for applying for this scholarship
    3. What do you hope to gain from attending this conference?
    4. How will you share a portion of the knowledge you gained at the conference with others

    5. Optional, but recommended: What evidence can you provide of your prior involvement in reading-related activities or events (attach documentation) that demonstrates your interest in reading and reading education?

  • Before getting started with the online form, you will want to have a letter of nomination (to attach) from a local reading council member, a zone Coordinator, and/or university ELA instructor documenting your involvement or commitment to literacy education.

  • The student scholarship due date is November 1, 2019. There is a possibility of up to five undergraduate and up to five graduate scholarships granted for each conference. 

  • WSRA's 2021 conference theme is "Ra!sing Our Voices: Empowering All Learners in Our Literacy Communities Today to Change the World Tomorrow". Proposals for WSRA 2021 sessions may be submitted between February 1, 2020 and until June 15, 2020. WSRA 2021 will be a celebration of WSRA's 65th year.